Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between a clipper cut and a scissor cut? 

A: The main difference is the final result. A clipper can get the hair much shorter than a pair of scissors can. Most people who prefer a tightly tapered look get a clipper cut, and people who prefer more length and a more textured look get a scissor cut. If you aren't sure what a clipper is, chances are you do not have you hair cut with one!


Q: What do I do if my child has lice?

A: The best thing to do is to call your doctor, NOT going to a salon. There are special shampoos that are made specifically to kill lice and their eggs. Lice is easily spread through hats, brushes, pillows and stuffed animals, so following instructions from a doctor and from the shampo is critical in stopping those pesky bugs! We ask that you don't bring a child who has lice or who is being treated for lice, into the salon until a doctor can tell you that they are completely lice free. Lice and salons don't mix well;  if someone gets a service done and has lice, we must then bag and throw away any capes, combs, towels or brushes that came in contact with the person infected, and thoroughly disinfect the entire salon, we also must send the person home, regardless of how far we are into the haircut. 


Q: Should I call ahead to make an appointment, or can I just walk in?

A: We try to accommodate every walk-in that comes through our door, however, sometimes there is a wait time. If you are looking to see a specific stylist, it is recommended that you call ahead and reserve an appointment. Please remember that calling on the day you wish to get in, you may not be able to see the person that you prefer, but we will happily schedule you with someone else. DUE TO COVID 19 WE ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE ANY WALKIN, YOUMUST HAVE A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TO ENTER THE SALON.


Q: What is the difference between box color and color used in a salon?

A: When you use box color, you don't know what you are going to get. The color on the box is based on a generic hair type and color, and results will vary tremendously from person to person. Box colors also use different chemicals that can react with badly with other color, lighteners, perms, and relaxers, so ALWAYS tell your stylist if you have used box color so a test patch can be done to check the integrity of the hair. The color we use at the salon is made to be personalized to fit your needs. Each person's hair makeup is very different and reacts differently to color. As stylists, we know what colors you can and cannot achieve based on you natural color and the dyes you may currently have in your hair. 





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